Another report from the online art class: weeks three, four and five

I just finished week six of the eight week class I've been writing about (here and here) and realized I hadn't reported to you about the process of this exciting class. Week three was about taking that notan (referring to the relationship or pattern of the dark and light in a composition, it's either 60% black or 60% white... no other values) which I told you about in my January 25th blog and converting it to a painting. The point of this was for you see your strong pattern and therefore the lay-in will be a strong shape or shapes, and can produce a 'strong' painting from the beginning. Folks, this is really working!

Week four was about making and using a double primary limited palette, color schemes and controlling hue. We were to make a color wheel as homework, then taking those colors along with a thumbnail and a notan, then finally do a 5 x 7 painting. I must tell you... I failed. Oh, the color wheel was fun, although, I had to do it twice because on the first attempt my colors didn't come out like the 'cheat sheet' we were provided. But the real problem came when I had the correct colors and was to convert them to a painting. Yep, a pretty crucial point. Here's how that went:

Yes, you're seeing correctly... that's called a 'wipe down', yet the colors did strain the board and gave information. The teacher's comments were to "keep going, you're almost there". Well, I did and I didn't make it. Nothing to show you! Total failure. I like my notan through as it is a really good example of how a notan can help you see the 'darks'. I will be trying this assignment again in the future.

Week five was about shaping space using color. Finally, something I think I can do!! Here's my little painting using the guide of her video demo on how to mix colors, how to use a knife and the colors to form distance and atmosphere. 

I must tell you it's not perfect, nor is it like hers, but I'm pleased! Using a large knife (#109) is challenging! My temperature hue next to the trees isn't dull enough. And the bright yellow color in front should have been placed carefully to form rows in the field. I'm learning a lot and I love my foreground!!

I'm loving this class and working at the moment on week six which I'll show you in the next post on this series. We only have two more weeks and class will be over. Very sad, as I do love it. Thanks for reading. Ciao!