As promised 'A Pale Blue Dot' finished and on display.

Night sky photo from Internet. Photographer unknown.

As promised, an image of the final painting is included here, at the bottom of this post. BUT I want to tell you something that I'm really excited about, as I've contemplated the progress and completion of this painting. Although my painting is filled with a large expanse of blue, I also included dark at the top and side to represent distant space. And in distant space, nothing shows up clearly. Instead, what does that look like? 

Here's a photograph I found back in December, either on the news or on Facebook (sorry I can't really remember, so I can't give real credit to whom it belongs.) Click to enlarge the picture.

Isn't that simply incredible?!! So many stars and all colors of stars and dust. SO I want to do something in my painting that would resemble (replicate) this.

Here are a couple of close ups of those dark corners in my painting:

Close up of my painting when still in progress.

Close up detail from finished painting, showing the starts and distant space particles. So many more dots.

I'm so pleased!! These additions give the painting much more interest when you're standing in front of it. I can't wait any longer to show it to you...

So here goes! 'A Pale Blue Dot' Completed:

The painting is 40 x 40 and at the far end of the gallery which just calls to you as you enter. I hope you'll consider coming by The Creative Center at 900 16th, Greensboro between 9-5 each day of the week. The show will be up until April 30th. Let me know if you come and if I'm there I'd love to visit with you as you view all the great paintings in this show.