I have built a new Winter studio at home

I've build myself a tiny little studio at home. Yep, something I said I'd never do. I said oil paint and my home can never mix because oils are so messy. And I'm a messy painter! Oh, I don't mean to be; it's just that you're in the midst of painting & 'bam' there goes your brush across the room. Or I'm cleaning my brush in turps and it spills someway. Therefore I felt I couldn't bring oil paints into my home. 

My new little painting studio at home

Then last winter the weatherman was reporting a storm was moving in and we were going to get 6 to 10 inches of snow and I knew I'd be stuck at home for days, (I live in the country where we're last to get a snow plow). So I brought my 'plein air' easel home (You can read all about that over here!) and painted while snowed in. 

This winter we haven't had any snow yet, but we have had some really, really cold weather when I wished that I could just stay home and paint. So... I reworked my little office area upstairs which I really didn't use often and built myself a little space for a studio with the help of my friend, Kris Ferris. You can see a bit about the size, from the photo here.

Yes, it's quite small and I'll be doing only small work here, this easel does not hold the largest canvases like my studio easel does, but on these mornings when it's cold or rainy, or I just don't feel like going out, but want to paint... I have options!!

Turns out I can paint at home! Isn't that saying 'never say never' oh, so true?!