Introduction to my new Fine Art website

Here I go again! Yes, another new website. This one is all about my fine art endeavors. And you're asking "but why?". I wanted a place you could go and see nothing but my paintings! No family photos, no blog about some trip I've been on, no latest pic of my cute great-grand babies. Just my fine art... which I work on almost everyday. 

So here's my new fine art website. 

Yes, I'll for the time being still have where you'll find my various and sundry interest... photographs, cards for sale, pics of family gatherings and my grand kids and their babies! And there's a blog on that site, to which I plan to continue to post from time-to-time.

However on this site, my blog is all about my art or art-related things, such a great exhibit I've been to, or the process of a painting, or a workshop I've attended or maybe an introduction to one of my many painting buddies whose work I'd love to introduce you to.

I've been working on my blogging practice so you should see somewhat more frequent posts here than you're used to if you've followed my original blog. I hope you will feel free to comment and share it with your friends as we travel this road called life together. I thank you profusely for reading this and those in the future.