Fine Artist, Phyllis Sharpe, painting a waterscape in oil, in her studio

Fine Artist, Phyllis Sharpe, painting a waterscape in oil, in her studio

Artist's Statement

I am an avid painter who returns again and again to the subject of landscapes that include water and expressive skies. I have learned the value of painting a wide range of subjects on a continual basis. This allows me to stretch my abilities and learn new things, which is very important to me.  For this reason, my portfolio includes not only the beach scenes with crashing waves and quiet waters of rivers and lakes which appeal to my core but also people and animals, details of flowers, abstracts, street scenes... even trucks!

I feel passionate when I am painting, and appreciate what God must have felt when creating this glorious and beautiful planet. My purpose in painting is to inspire the viewer to see beauty and emotions all around them.


I maintain a studio at "Suite Art 144" in Revolution Mill at 1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Greensboro, NC.

I have a new home studio for painting on days when I am disinterested in being out in the cold or hot weather.


As a fine art painter, Phyllis Sharpe found the roots of her creativity in the activities of everyday life long before she began studying watercolor and oil painting. Her life was spent in the pursuit of creative activities that ranged from gardening, to cooking, to home decorating, and in 2002 she focused her life's goals on becoming a fine art painter. Under the influence of her mentors, Keith Rose and his wife Betsy, she developed a deep love for bold color and the fluidity of watercolor.

Phyllis studied composition, technique, color theory and perspective from wonderful teachers including Keith, Alexis Lavine, Carl Dalio, Skip Lawrence and Chuck McLanhlan, all watercolorists.

She moved into the study of oil painting in 2009, and has studied with nationally known artists Anne Blair Brown, Dee Bread Dean, Jim Compton, Kevin Beck, Roger Bechtold, Maggie Siner and Larry Moore, as well as local artists Judy Meyler and Karine Thoresen. At the present, she's working exclusively with Wayne Epperly.

Sharpe is a member of American Impressionist Society, and also a member of The Peacock Watercolor Art Group and The Cosmic Cow Society, both local art groups.


To see where my work is currently located, visit this page.

 The View in downtown, Greensboro, NC

The View in downtown, Greensboro, NC