"Poetry in Color" Art Show Being Hung at Center for Creative Leadership for January Opening

I have just returned from the Center for Creative Leadership for a walk-through of the show I’ve been painting for these past few months. Each participant worked from the verse of North Carolina poets whose poems inspired them. My own chosen poet is Betty Adcock.


Above is the postcard CCL will be mailing to friends requesting notice for upcoming show. Consider this your invitation from me because I only received a small number of these cards. (Of course I’ll also be sharing it digitally in other ways.) I’ll be looking forward to our visit.

The title of the show is “Poetry in Color” ~ Art inspires art! See poems come to life in these artist interpretations of North Carolina verse.

The 68 paintings that the eight artists created in translating the poetry into visual art are simply remarkable. Plus the statuary by Howard Bemus which has been strategically placed throughout the show.

The show opens January 25, 2019 at the Center for Creative Leadership, from 5 to 7pm. It is a show I believe you will want to see. The artists included are Kathy Brusnighan, Hilary Clement, Vicki Johnson, Julia Lawing, Amy Smith, Jean Smith, Amos Westmoreland and sculpture by Howard Bemus. If you are in the area it would be our pleasure for you to come to One Leadership Place, off 220 North, Greensboro and have a look at this extraordinary show. And if you do, please, oh, please be sure and say hello to me while you’re there!